In this article , we will be giving our review of Hrithik Roshan's "SUPER 30" , which is a biopic of famous mathematician Anand Kumar


SUPER 30 MOVIE REVIEW , SUPER 30 REVIEW , Hrithik Roshan , Super 30


  • The movie starts in Bihar where Anand Kumar(Hrithik Roshan) lives with his father Rajendra Kumar (Virendra Saxena), brother Pranav Kumar (Nandish Singh) and his mother. He is also in love with Supriya(Mrunal Thakur) whose father is a businessman. He is a brilliant maths student and wins a competition. He gets felicitated by Education Minister of Bihar, Ram Singh(Pankaj Tripathi) who tells Anand to approach him whenever he needs any help.  He gets admission in Cambridge University but due to scarcity of funds, his father tries to gather all the funds but is unable to. They even try to get help from Ram Singh but he denies even listening to them. Then a personal tragedy strikes and hits the family so hard that it makes Anand sell papads. 
  • His life takes a turn when he gets noticed by Lallan Singh(Abhijeet Srivastava) who maks him a teacher at his Excellence Coaching Centre. Anand then lives a luxurious life when Supriya is along with him and buys all the expensive things. 
  • Then one day, when he gets drunk, he meets a rickshaw driver whose thoughts strike a chord with him and he realises that he is not helping children who are poor and cannot afford coaching due to high fees. It makes him feel guilty as some time back, he was also like them. 
  • He then leaves the centre and starts his own coaching classes where he selects 30 students and teaches them to crack the IIT-JEE Exam. Lallan and Ram Singh try to stop his classes and even scare him that they will kill all of them. Supriya also tells Anand that she will leave him if he starts the classes. Lallan also organises a competition where he tells Anand if the students of Excellence coaching Centre beat the students of his classes, Anand will have to leave his 30 students or if they win, Lallan will provide them with 3 months free food. What happens thereafter? 
  • Will the students win over the Excellence Coaching Centre students? What happens to Supriya? Will these students crack IIT-JEE? What will Lallan and Ram Singh do to stop these classes? Find the answers in the nearest theaters . 


Overall Rating -  ★★★3/4 (3.75/5)

( We know you love Mathematics . But this is not the right place to show off your skills . )
  1. ACTING - ★★★★★
  2. DIRECTION - ★★★★
  3. MUSIC - ★1/2
  4. EDITING - ★★★
  5. STORY - ★★★★
  7. SCREENPLAY - ★★★★


  • Hrithik Roshan comes back with a bang and springs in a surprise. He not only plays the role of Anand Kumar, but he lives it to the 'T'. The mannerisms, the dialect, the clothing is matched perfectly. He has amazed me and his fans who were waiting for him since past so many years. He is brilliant in each and every scene especially in the pre-interval portion, the cycle scene, the teaching sequences and even the climax scene. His acting is so powerful that it may even make the eyes of male audience moist. It is one of his best performances and it is request to him to please do a movie once a year so that we can watch this powerhouse actor again and again and again.
    SUPER 30 MOVIE REVIEW , SUPER 30 REVIEW , Bollywood Buff , Hrithik Roshan , Super 30
  • Now, coming to the supporting cast, Pankaj Tripathi as Education Minister Ram Singh is brilliant and in his scenes with Hrithik, he is at par. The humor he brings to the story is fresh and doesn't looks forced. He is such a fine performer that he can bring the house down in any role he performs. Watch out for his scene with Hrithik and Vijendra Sir.
  • Abhijeet Srivastava as Lallan Singh is also excellent. His role as a villian is good and he also seems the rural land man who can go to any extent to win anything he wants. Nandish Singh as Pranav Kumar ably supports Anand and his coaching centre. He gets a meaty role and nails it with the dialect and the mannerisms.
  • Mrunal Thakur is so lovely as Supriya. Her dance moves are a treat to watch and the innocence with which she portrays the role is likeable. Also, her smile has taken my heart away and please return it to me when I watch you again in Batla HousešŸ„°. Amit Sadh as the drunkard Reporter supports the screenplay nicely. He is a special appearance in the movie and does not has a big role in the movie.
  • Rest everyone supports the screenplay and performs ably.

Story and Direction

  • Coming to the Direction, it was excellent in the movie. Vikas Bahl has done an excellent job and knowing the controversies he has been through since the last one year, he has a winner in his hands. 
  • The first half of Super 30 is A-Class. The screenplay is fast paced and story till the interval point is brilliant. The emotional scenes strike a chord with the audience and the female audience may even shed some tears. 
  • But, the Second half of the movie just above average. The length of the second half is around 1 hour 10 minutes and the first 20-25 minutes are slow moving . It can be said that it was the demand of the story but the teaching sequences could have been reduced with the Question Mark song being trimmed. The story by Sanjeev Dutta is brilliant . 
  • The movie, being a biopic has been handled very well . The emotional as well as the humorous sequences are shot beautifully. The hospital scene and the scenes in Super 30 classes are very good. Yes, few scenes go over the top seeming that it would not have happened in real life, but cinematic liberty as we say, are less and more in the second half.


  • I just can't believe that the music of the film has been given by the same music composers who have given such soulful music albums like Dhadak and Zero last year . Barring , Jugrafiya , not even a single song has the potential .
  • One of the weakest albums of a Hrithik-starrer movie. Only Jugrafiyaa is hummable, rest other are forgettable. However, The Background Music compensates for the loss as it is very strong and helps us in feeling all the situations in the movie. After Kabir Singh and Kesari, Super 30 is the movie which has a strong background music.
SUPER 30 MOVIE REVIEW , SUPER 30 REVIEW , Bollywood Buff , Hrithik Roshan , Super 30


  • Editing is sharp and crisp and it could been slightly better in the second half. However everyone shall not feel the same. 
  • The movie is rich in production value. 
  • Story and Screenplay are brilliant as said earlier.

    My Opinion

    • Overall, the movie is a must watch for the parents , students and teachers. The movie tells us about the coaching mafia in the country and is an eye opener for many. It is one of the most inspiring movie of this decade and has been handled excellently by the cast and crew.  
    • After Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, it is the best biopic made in Bollywood. Yes, the over dramatic moments and second half could have been better, but is an wholesome entertainer. strong background music, terrific performances and a Brilliant story at hand makes this an excellent affair.SUPER 30 MOVIE REVIEW , SUPER 30 REVIEW , Hrithik Roshan , Super 30

    Watch it or Watch Out



    • 'Super 30' is based on the life of the Patna-based scholar Anand Kumar, who trains 30 deserving, economically- backward students for IIT-JEE entrance exams every year with commendable success rate
    • 'Super 30' is Hrithik's only film after Kaabil 2017 (after 2.5 years).

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